Bringing the Magic….

The Holiday Season is such a magical time for students, full of traditions, celebrations and family time. Every year we spend time asking our students about the traditions they enjoy at home, how their families spend the holidays and how they want to celebrate in our classroom. This is what makes an emergent curriculum really come to life, when you can incorporate the ideas, traditions and experiences of your students into your classroom culture!

Gingerbread making station! Using a collection of odds and ends….we were able to make beautiful gingerbread people!
More gingerbread people! How inviting is this activity!? Students loved naming their gingerbread people, creating stories and characters and of course pretending to eat them!
Simple pattern making using candy canes and red and green dyed pasta. Pattern making is an important kindergarten readiness skill that children need to practice often and in unique ways.
Who says you can’t practice your math skills during a holiday celebration? The students in The Hive classroom practiced their graphing skills with this fun activity! Each child was given a gingerbread cookie and asked to take one bite. Afterwards, the children then documented which bite they took first using cutouts, and graphed them together.
Winter Animals Habitat, sensory play! Flour, sugar cubes, wooden logs and winter animal figurines help children go on a journey to a winter wonderland!
What does your Gingerbread House have on it!? We all have the drawer of random craft scraps, odds and ends and spare bits! Let your children use them in a meaningful way! Our students loved decorating their gingerbread houses using this collection of bits!
An ongoing collaborative art piece with layers, upon layers, upon layers…..of SNOW! Each day our students added another layer of paint using different methods and colors to create their masterpiece!
And eventually covering it in shaving scream!