Winter is upon us! Have your kiddos been talking about Snow….snow….and MORE SNOW!? Its been on all of our minds….so of course, we had to start developing some curriculum around it! Here’s to Snow Days….even if they are only late starts!


Practicing our names by building snow people!
My Snowman Melted because……..How great are these response! It is incredibly important for children to practice their writing skills with simple prompts inspired by art activities. The students in The Bridge Classroom LOVED this experience!
Can you build a snowman? What do you need? Which size will you use first?
Sensory exploration! This “fake snow” is such sensory experience! Our students love how it feels cold and mushy…just like real snow! It allows for great conversations about texture, temperature and animal habitats!
STEM Exploration! Simple materials like marshmallows and coffee sticks can encourage children to explore shapes and engineering skills. When explore with materials that create edges and corners they can begin to understand what makes a shape, how many sides a shape has, how angles work and how we define corners.

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