A Camping Expedition!

What do you do when all your students are talking about their latest adventure? You bring the outdoors in obviously! The Camping Experience is such a quintessential moment in childhood, but for some children it is not a possibility. I love how these teachers brought the adventure to the children, and made sure they were making memories that will last a life time!

Brining a tent into the classroom is such an easy dramatic play element! The students loved pretending to go on adventures, sleeping in their sleeping bags and hiding from bears!
Loose parts to inspire campfire building! These loose parts can be all the ingredients necessary to make their very own campfire! This was also a great opportunity to talk about fire safety, the different colors in a fire and what a fire needs to burn. 
Using our loose parts campfires, river rocks and our homemade smores to enjoy some dramatic play around the campfire! 
All the materials needed to make smores! Such a simple activity! Cardboard scraps, brown paper and cottons balls! 
Write your name in the DIRT! Children need as many opportunities as possible to practice their handwriting skills and letter recognition. As our children prepare to head to Kindergarten it is crucial that children are provided with engaging activities that go beyond just paper and pencil.