Fantastic Fall Fun in The Forest Classroom!

The Forest Classroom always reminds me of Fall….it is warm and inviting and has that cozy feeling that makes you never way to leave. But over the past month they have brought even more beautiful Fall elements into their classroom. Check out the fantastic Fall fun the Forest had this month!


Using mallets and golf tees with pumpkins is always a favorite activity!
Leaf Painting! Our students love incorporating nature into the artistic process. Here is a simple way to take your leaf collection to the next level!
This ooey-gooey sensory table isn’t for the faint of heart! Search for bones, eyeballs, bats and creepy crawlies in the red slime!
Using scissors to cut leaves is a WONDERFUL way to practice those important fine motor skills! When it comes to scissors we want our students to get as much exposure as possible, but it can also get boring using them in the same way everytime. This is a great way to change it up!
Are you my mummy?! A simple project that is ALWAYS a big hit…in fact my little guy (in the blue sweatshirt!) made 6 of them! Students love getting to rip up the toilet paper and glue it on to the mummy! When else are you encouraged to rip up toilet paper!
When it comes to bugs the more legs the better!? Right!? Searching for insects in beautiful green and brown slime! What will you find when you start digging!
Loose part Jack-O-Lantern making! Using pumpin seeds and leaves, students made their own spook-tacular faces!


A Collection of Halloween Treats!

Each year our teaching staff go ABOVE AND BEYOND to make the month of October extra special for our students. Our students this year have been thrilled to find each day full of interactive, hands on exploration of all that is icky sticky and creepy crawly.

Get inspired to bring the spirit of the season into your classroom and encourage your children to explore their favorite holiday in a whole new way!

What can you find in the Witches’ Brew? This sensory search was so much fun! Students loved trying to find and count out the different creepy crawly items!


A dollhouse is fun…..but a Haunted Mansion is even better! Simple touches create a whole new space and elevates the play!
Using Leaves as an art medium, inspires creativity and innovated thinking. Students made masterpieces by simply using leaves, markers and glue!
Orang felt pumpkins and black shapes are a great way to explore making Jack-O-Lanterns!
The Painted Pumpkin Roll! One of our favorite activities! Painting pumpkins and rolling them around on large sheets of paper to create prints, shapes….and a beautiful mess!
Using seeds and leaves to make a face!
Playdough and “Mr. Potato Head Pieces” are such a fun way to make unique and spooky monsters!
Inspired by Room on the Broom, students can use manipulates and counting cards to make their own story!
Make your own Witches Brew! What will you add? What ingredients do you need to make the perfect potion?
More Pumpkin Painting!
Another fun way to use the “Mr. Potato Head” pieces with Foam!
Providing scientific tools for pumpkin exploration elevates the activity and encourages students to take a closer look!
Pumpkin Prints! What does it look like when you paint a pumpkin and make art…..a gorgeous way to explore shape, texture and patterns.
Can you paint with a sunflower? What kind of prints will you get? What types of texture?
More Pumpkin Painting!
Using seeds in water trays for sensory exploration! Seeds, water, pinchers, measuring cups and bowls make a great sensory exploration activity!
Can you make a Mummy?! Simple cut outs and ripped up tissue paper make for a very simple Halloween Craft!
Encouraging children to make Pumpkin Shapes out of playdough using a premade laminated template and actual pumpkins for inspiration!




Spooky Exploration in The Garden Classroom!

This Blog Post should come with a warning…..Not for the I-Don’t-Like-To-Get-Messy-Teacher! The Garden Classroom loves to push the limits of sensory exploration and create one of a kind hands on experiences for their students that are equal parts creativity and science….with a touch of creepy crawly! Check out the fun The Garden Classroom had the last couple of months!


You may have seen our popular “Flower Soup” posts, but have you ever seen “Leaf Stew?” Just add water, food coloring, leaves and of course spiders and flies to create this creepy concoction! A great activity to practice pouring, dumping, wisking and measuring!
Slime + Eyeballs + Pumpkins…..How could you go wrong?!
I love using natural materials to inspire the creative process! These students are using leaves combined with paper, markers and glue to create their own masterpiece!
Check out their beautiful creations!
Sunflowers forts are the perfect way to celebrate Fall!
Painting gourds and pumpkins to explore texture and make unique prints! This is such a fun hands on experience! As chidlren roll them across the paper the different vegetables create new and unique prints!
Now that you painted the pumpkins….you have to give them a bath of course!
Using sunflowers to make goregous prints! Another wonderful way to let nature’s beauty inspire an artistic masterpiece!
Loose part play with mini pumpkins and tree cookies! I often see classrooms with “decorations” that the children can’t touch or interact with. This is a perfect example of decorations that the children can manipulate, stack, play with and explore!
Fall Sensory Table fun!
More exploration of Fall Loose Parts!
Painting those pumpkins so that they are ready for bath time!

Love is in the Air……

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some outside the box ways to celebrate this often commercialized and gimmicky holiday! If you are like me you want to honor your students interests….but don’t feel the need to give in to the worlds cheesiest holiday….here are some fun ways we enjoyed Valentine’s Day this year!

What to do with those beautiful roses that your loved one gave you!? Turn them into the worlds best sensory table! Scissors, water and roses…..makes for an AMAZING sensory experience complete with smell, texture and some fine motors skills!

Creating love monsters inspired by one of our favorite books!
Fine motor skills, name recognition and handwriting in sprinkles! A fun way to practice our skills in a Valentine’s Day themed way!
Can you sort, count and graph the donuts!? This cereal lends itself to the holiday PERFECTLY! The colors are beautiful and they smell delicious! Our students loved using them to work through the different graphs and counting activities.
A simple invitation inspired by one of my VERY favorite children’s books…. My Heart is a Zoo! Such a sweet story that lends itself to so many fun activities.
Using three dimensional shapes with glittery pink water to explore volume, shapes and enjoy sensory play.

Oh Christmas Tree….Oh Christmas Tree….

Our students love decorating Christmas Trees….so we like to explore as many different ways to enjoy this activity as possible! Here are some of the fun ways we made the tree sparkle and shine this year!

Felt trees are a great way to reuse an activity and let children enjoy it year after year! This activity also allowed older children to turn it into a counting activity to practice those early math numeracy skills.
Handprint trees can be a blast….but often leave children disappointed that the activity is over so quickly, and the participation was small. Allowing them to decorate the tree after creates a more involved project that shines uniquely for each child!
More decorating! This time with pipe cleaners and pom poms!
Can you build a Christmas Tree out of the solo cups!? Encourage children to explore form and balance through unique materials. When we provide a challenge our students always meet it, check out how tall his Christmas Tree is!
Light Table Christmas Tree! Decorating the tree and exploring color, light and transparency! When these orbs are stacked we are able to see different colors and how colors mix!
More math fun! Encouraging students to count the ornaments and place them on the tree! These trees are so much fun and such a great way to explore numbers, patterns and shape!
More counting! And number practice!
Simple water color trees! How do you paint a tree!
Making Trees using strips of paper!