Spring Fever!

This time of year is always so much fun! Exploring color, flowers, insects, nature and weather…is always so exciting! When the weather gets warm, we all want to be outside….ALL THE TIME….however, at the Learning Loft our outdoor time is limited. Each classroom only gets a short amount of time outdoors….so we have to bring the outdoors in…..so we don’t catch that Spring Fever!

Flower Garden Sensory Bin! Such a fun way to explore color texture, insects and flowers. The students loved mixing the colors, matching the insects to their different colors and finding amazing hiding spaces!
Can you cut the grass!?! Practicing scissor skills is such an important kindergarten readiness. However, it can get kinda boring if you don’t find new and exciting ways to practice! This doggy park is such a fun way to engage in dramatic play, scissor skills and sensory exploration. 
Color exploration in the outdoor space! Mixing colors in the sensory table and making potions!
Flower Play Dough! Such a fun sensory activity for children to engage their sense of smell and touch!

Rainy Day Water Colors! Adding water colors to puddles for the most awesome puddle splashing ever! This was so simple and such an amazing way to explore color mixing and pattern making!