Oh Christmas Tree….Oh Christmas Tree….

Our students love decorating Christmas Trees….so we like to explore as many different ways to enjoy this activity as possible! Here are some of the fun ways we made the tree sparkle and shine this year!

Felt trees are a great way to reuse an activity and let children enjoy it year after year! This activity also allowed older children to turn it into a counting activity to practice those early math numeracy skills.
Handprint trees can be a blast….but often leave children disappointed that the activity is over so quickly, and the participation was small. Allowing them to decorate the tree after creates a more involved project that shines uniquely for each child!
More decorating! This time with pipe cleaners and pom poms!
Can you build a Christmas Tree out of the solo cups!? Encourage children to explore form and balance through unique materials. When we provide a challenge our students always meet it, check out how tall his Christmas Tree is!
Light Table Christmas Tree! Decorating the tree and exploring color, light and transparency! When these orbs are stacked we are able to see different colors and how colors mix!
More math fun! Encouraging students to count the ornaments and place them on the tree! These trees are so much fun and such a great way to explore numbers, patterns and shape!
More counting! And number practice!
Simple water color trees! How do you paint a tree!
Making Trees using strips of paper!