Love is in the Air……

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some outside the box ways to celebrate this often commercialized and gimmicky holiday! If you are like me you want to honor your students interests….but don’t feel the need to give in to the worlds cheesiest holiday….here are some fun ways we enjoyed Valentine’s Day this year!

What to do with those beautiful roses that your loved one gave you!? Turn them into the worlds best sensory table! Scissors, water and roses…..makes for an AMAZING sensory experience complete with smell, texture and some fine motors skills!

Creating love monsters inspired by one of our favorite books!
Fine motor skills, name recognition and handwriting in sprinkles! A fun way to practice our skills in a Valentine’s Day themed way!
Can you sort, count and graph the donuts!? This cereal lends itself to the holiday PERFECTLY! The colors are beautiful and they smell delicious! Our students loved using them to work through the different graphs and counting activities.
A simple invitation inspired by one of my VERY favorite children’s books…. My Heart is a Zoo! Such a sweet story that lends itself to so many fun activities.
Using three dimensional shapes with glittery pink water to explore volume, shapes and enjoy sensory play.